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to support many industry specification and standards organizations. For information
 on industry activity:

ISO Standards 

G7 Experts List

US Standards CGATS


International Color Consortium

European Standards (fogra)

Reference Profiles


Ghent PDF Workgroup

CGATS 21. Reference Print Profiles & Dataset


The goal in publishing this web page is to provide a one stop shop to visit many of the competing standards.  As an active participant in ISO, CGATS,GWG, ICC, FTA, TAPPI and IDEAllaince.

When it comes to print” The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman demonstrates in many ways golbal alignment is possilbe when working with an supplychain that shares communication. Standards via ISO standards is a global solution we can use a the backbone for brand management.

Utilizing standard resources across the globe provides excellent tools for better workflows in our industry, Design, Photography, Proof, Prepress, Print and finishing. Tying all these tools together and delivering packaging certifications standards  is my current aim.

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The Publication of ISO 12647-6:2012 This document must have for flexographic supply chain partners
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