TC 130 Graphic Technology  - Berlin Germany May 2016

Global Standards for Graphic Technology

 ISO TC 130 Graphic Technology Printing 
ISO 12647 - Part 1-5 are all final stages of revision
Part 1 Terms and Definitions
Part 2 Process Control Offset Commercial
Part 3 ColdSet Newsprint
Part 4 Gravure
Part 5 Screen Wide Format
Part 6 Flexography
Part 7 Contract Proofing
Part 8 Design Prints

ISO 15339 - submitted as FDIS for approval
Reference Print Conditions and workflows

ISO 17972 Part 1-4 - in final stages of approval
Part 1 CXF Specification
Part 2 Scanner and Camera Targets
Part 3 Characterization data
Part 4 Spot colour characterization 

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